Process Improvement

There is a process behind everything your business does. Whether it is onboarding a new employee, scheduling jobs, performing a service, issuing or receiving an invoice … even the way you sell; everything your business does is a process. And if a process takes longer to complete or requires more resources than it should – or has inconsistent outcomes – then it is a good candidate for improvement.

Process improvement is proactively identifying, analyzing, and improving existing business processes to optimize performance.

Collabetive’s Expert Advisors use a number of process improvement techniques in their approach to process improvement, including Kaizen, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, and Agile. We begin each project with a written charter that defines the strategic problem, key metrics, and the business reason (usually financial results) for conducting the improvement.

Benefits of process improvement for your business

An effective process improvement project can deliver several key business benefits:

Save Time. One of the most common reasons for undertaking process improvement is to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a process by streamlining the tasks and/or reducing the number of steps involved.

Save Money. Equally important and often tied to saving time is saving money. Whether due to enhanced employee performance or better allocation of resources, process improvement often leads directly to reduced costs and better profitability.

Higher Service Quality. Consistency and scalability of service delivery are keys to growing your pest control business. Do some of your techs have great productivity, but poor customer satisfaction? Are some great with the customers, but take too long to complete their route? Do you have the right metrics to know? Process improvement can define and measure a consistent service protocol.

Improved Customer Satisfaction. In order to meet customer expectations, you must first define their expectations in a way that can be measured. Together, we can explore how to segment your customers into groups, how to listen to your customers groups, and how to collect data that will help you define the expectations you must meet.

Employee Alignment. Through process improvement, everyone understands the tasks and responsibilities in each process leading to transparency, engagement, and accountability.

Collabetive can help with:

  • Business process improvement (quality improvements, service enhancements, cost reductions, and productivity increases)
  • Business Optimization
  • Performance Audits
  • Lean Business Audits (Kaizen)
  • Merger & Acquisition integration
  • Quality Improvement
  • Customer Experience Auditing

Meet our Process Improvement Experts:

Mike Gratz

Jeff Katzenberger

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