Expertise you’d expect to only find in big companies or expensive agencies.

With marketing support from Collabetive, you don’t need an expensive ad agency or a big investment in staff. We will work with you to provide the marketing expertise your company needs or compliment your existing marketing department with support services.

Marketing services available through Collabetive:

Marketing Plans — We believe in being extremely intentional with every dollar we spend on marketing. We can improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts with a coordinated plan. A marketing plan looks at your service attributes, evaluates the competitive marketplace, explores alternatives, and defines how you will successfully compete in the marketplace. It should include measurable objectives, strategies that move customers through their purchasing journey, and specific tactics that compliment and build upon one another (the “marketing mix”). Don’t spend another cent on marketing without a specific, strategic marketing plan.

Brand and Positioning Strategies – Developing your brand and positioning strategies is fundamental to successful marketing. It is how you differentiate your service in a valuable way from your competitors and defines the “promise” and “value” you deliver to specific customer segments. We can help you define your unique strategies based on your core competencies and competition. Then we will help you execute your positioning strategy with consistent messaging and distinctive graphics to build your brand.

Customer experience and journey mapping — We can show you the path prospects take in becoming your customers and outline the right messaging at just the right time to move them through the funnel to purchase from you. We can even help you identify where prospects “Leak out” and get them back into your funnel.

Market Research and Analytics — We can identify consumer insights — how people think and behave — and address specific business challenges through proven research methodologies (both quantitative and qualitative). Most importantly, we show you how to apply market intelligence into the knowledge you need to grow your business.

Media Planning and Buying — Great media planning is much more than just negotiating low rates. Our media plans are grounded in research and market analysis. We develop and execute comprehensive plans that are customized to your needs, market, goals, audience, and budget. And we follow-up weekly to make sure our media partners deliver.

Connected TV (OTT) – OTT has ushered in a new era of television, currently capturing 25% of total TV viewing.  As broadcast and cable have experienced declining viewership, OTT has seen rapid growth of 74.4% time spent viewing year-over-year.  It is time to put streaming media into your mix.  We use OTT platforms to directly place your advertising in the content and on the devices most popular with your prospective customers.

Digital Strategies and Implementation – a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is critical to building brand awareness and being where customers look when making their purchase decision. Using powerful data and analytics, we’ll provide the insights you need to make informed, data-driven marketing decisions to grow your business.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) aka Pay Per Click (PPC) is an effective tactic to be included in targeted search results. We can optimize your bidding strategy using sophisticated software to get your ad in front of the right audience at the right time using the right search terms for your budget. No set it and forget it – we continually monitor your bid results and the competition to get the results you need.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gets your website the visibility and traffic it deserves at the top of popular search engines like Google. But SEO doesn’t need to be some black magic that you’re never sure what is being done for the fees. Our transparent approach shows you exactly the technical optimization tactics — such as link building, backlinks and HTML with strong content, keyword placements and authority optimization – to build traffic.

Programmatic Display Advertising — Our predictive marketing platform experts take the guesswork out of media buying across digital channels by leveraging artificial intelligence and real-time bidding to serve relevant ads to people based on their online behavior, demographics, past purchases, and interests.

Social Media Marketing – The way your business is presented on social media can build or destroy your brand—making it critical to have a partner that will help you develop a robust social media strategy to strengthen existing relationships and attract new customers across the growing list of social media platforms.

Marketing Operations and Automation – We can help you implement industry-leading software to manage and automate routine and repetitive marketing tasks. Marketing Automation enables you to “automatically” improve your customer relationships, nurture sales leads, personalize your selling message in emails and on websites, and automatically hand-off qualified leads to sales when the prospect shows key buying signals.

General Consulting and Project Management — We can help improve your lead generation through targeting customers, outlining an effective marketing funnel, and integrating marketing and sales activities. Together we will strategically address market segmentation and niche targeting, branding and positioning, personas, advertising and publicity, and budgeting. We are also available to manage specific projects on a contract basis.

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