Dr. Mohammed El Damir, BCE
Dr. El Damir, BCE
Dr. Mohammed El Damir, BCE

Education and Skill Expertise

Dr. El Damir is a Board-Certified Entomologist with research, commercial, technical, outreach, and academic experiences in pest management and entomology-related work. He completed his Ph.D. from the University of Vermont (UVM) specializing in Entomology. Currently, Dr. El Damir works as the technical and training director for Adam’s Pest Control, Inc. His duties include developing written field pest management procedures and providing identification of arachnids, insects, and other arthropods for company technicians and the public. He provides training to company personnel, speaks at trade conferences, and is part of the planning committee for the Minnesota state re-licensing conference. Dr. El Damir is well-versed in the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques. Under his leadership, Adam’s was the first pest control company to be GreenPro certified by the NPMA under its new standards. He has been appointed as a board member in the commercial division of the National Pest Management Association for five consecutive years, and is on the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Pest Management Association. He is also a member of the Minnesota Bed Bug Advisory committee.

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