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The Upper Midwest Association of Pest Professionals (UMAPP) is a new, best-practice-sharing group. We are among the best, family-owned and operated pest management firms in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Our purpose is to support our mutual growth and success by learning from experts and by freely sharing with other members the new ideas and techniques that are working in our business. We believe that improvement is easier and faster when someone you trust shows you how.

UMAPP is a prestigious group and is very selective. We look for new members who are willing and able to help their peers while receiving all the benefits UMAPP can provide.


Benefits of Joining

If you’re not yet familiar with the concept, joining a peer advisory group typically involves attending professionally facilitated meetings with other attendees, who are all business owners or company leaders. 

Peer Support — One of the primary benefits of UMAPP is learning from and sharing experiences with a group of pest control operators who have faced similar challenges and opportunities and who can provide objective advice and perspectives in ways that no one else can. UMAPP provides a safe and confidential space to ask for help, celebrate successes, and give/receive support from peers who truly understand what it means to lead a pest control business.

Expert Consultants — Attending the meetings allows you to learn from respected business consultants with extensive experience in the pest control and home services industries. You have the opportunity to ask questions and engage the experts on challenges you’re dealing with. You’ll get expert advice without paying large consulting fees.

Improved decision-making that leads to better results — UMAPP members get practical advice to deal with real-world problems. We believe it is far better and certainly more cost-effective to learn from others’ experiences than going it alone. The solutions you’ll take away have likely been proven by others in the group who have “been there, done that”. You’ll save time and money by avoiding costly “trial and error” missteps. The end result is better business decisions and enhanced business results.

Strategic Direction for your Business — UMAPP members take the time to think about the direction they want their businesses to go and how they plan to get there. They describe their business plan to the group, which in turn serves as a sounding board on the strategy.

Accountability — Just reporting your current status to other members has the effect of creating accountability you might not otherwise have. For example, if a member tells the group that they will revamp their tech pay plan prior to the next meeting, you can bet they will have the urgency to complete the plan prior to the next meeting. The expectation is members will do what they say they will do. In this way, we hold each other accountable for forward progress on our business challenges and goals.

Personal Growth — Most family-owned business owners do not have experienced board members to mentor their own leadership skills. Together, we’ll discuss leadership styles, identify mistakes, and discuss alternatives. Through regular, ongoing check-ins, you will be encouraged to hone your leadership skills through training, mentorship, and peer-to-peer coaching. 

Effectively Grow Your Business –If you’re asking questions like “What do we need to do to reach the next level,” joining UMAPP can help. Growing your business is one of the toughest challenges owners face. Learning how others have done it successfully will increase your chances of success. You’ll hear from experts in marketing, operations, process improvement, entomology, and from leaders who have successfully grown their pest control businesses.

Collective Buying Discounts — By joining together with other UMAPP members, you will enjoy lower prices on products and materials you use every day. Our collective buying gives you volume discounts that otherwise would not be available, saving you hundreds/thousands of dollars every year.


Only 3 Meetings per Year!

With all that you have going on, we know getting away to work on your business is a challenge in itself, so we’re only meeting 3 times per year — and 2 of those meetings will be in the off-season.

The annual Fall Meeting will be scheduled in November or early December and the annual Pre-Season Meeting (virtual) will be held in February or March. We’ll have a shorter, meeting (virtual) in June or July.

Next Meeting:  July 11, 2023 Click for details


Fees and Obligations.

The cost of membership is only $250 per year. Membership dues include attendance at all 3 meetings for one person. Up to two additional people from your company are welcome to attend meetings at an additional membership fee of $100 per person per year. Future annual membership dues and meeting fees will be determined by the Association’s members.

UMAPP is financially supported and managed by Collabetive Services, which allows us to keep membership fees and administrative expenses at a minimum while providing a high-quality experience.


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